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Ho Gou's Group Cell Meeting
Today, we hold our cell meeting at Wendy's house. The ladies prepare lots of foods and exciting game. We enjoy sharing our happiness and sad and playing group game. We get more closed and make lots of  fun. We totally thank to Wendy and other members. They do a good job this cell meeting. Maybe the next cell meeting will hold at my home.

Four beautiful ladies. 
Four Strong Men.
"I am so hungry." say Anita. But, would you tell me why you are  so fit?
"Why do I a lose this game?", surprises he. Because I am "The King of Joseph Family!!!" 
He is my guest, Hong. I am very surprised he is my Kei Yuen classmate. 
Why are you so happy, Wing? Thinking of Peter?!
"Big Smile Please.", I say.  Sui Pu is Computer Science student and want to be a programmer. If you have any computer problems, you can ask him.
Would you tell me your English name, Fong?
He is my Joseph Leader, David Lo. He always sing a good song and support us.
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Title: Ho Kou's Group Cell Meeting Place: Wendy's Home
Date: 7th June  2002 Total number of images: 21