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Dream House
It is my dream house, the PARCVILLE. Now, it is under construction and will be completed of the development on 31st August, 2002. Here we can enjoy club facilities, which are outdoor swimming pool, indoor swimming pool, Gymnasium, BBQ Area, Steam Room and many high class facilities. 


It is my dream house, the PARCVILLE. 
You can see the living room and bedroom.
Other side.
It is New Yuen Long Center, nearly my house.
Take a close up.
Oh! Mrs Mak is walking around her house.
Old village. 
Here are clean and quiet in Yuen Long Center.

People are looking their dream house. 
The PARCVILLE has 15 buildings. 
Each building has 17 floors.
What are you doing, Mrs. Mak?

Title: The PARCVILLE is under construction. Place: The PARCVILLE
Date: 15th February 2002 Total number of images: 12