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Ho Kau's Group Meeting
Welcome to Mid-Autumn Festival Meeting! Firstly, we totally thank to our god so much. He listens to our pray for this event. We are invited lots of friends. We all love playing game, singing songs together, sharing our god's experience. It is the great meeting this year. No matter what you get in this meeting , god always stand your side and listen to you. Try talking to him. I believe he blesses you all in all. Thank you so much for your help.  

Welcome to Mid-Autumn Festival Meeting! Have fun, Have warm and Have love. It is special day for you. 
Today, we all enjoy the great super.
They are my MC, Wing and Wai. They prepare lots of exiting games to us. Thank you so much.
Do you remember them? They are his Fat's friends. 
We are so friendly. Talking and talking.... Would you tell me what are you talking about?
At the corner of photo. Who is he? He is my old friend, Kwong Kau. Welcome back to church.
Let's us sing a song to you! God is in my heart! Try praying for him & Thinking of him.  
Up and down game. I love this exciting game. How about you?
Wai Ming and Wing sing lots of warm songs to us. We deeply touch our gods. Thanks to them. We believe god is so good and high. We love him all in all. 
Ho Kau and his friend, Chung. Do you trust our god, Chung?

Title: Ho Kau's Group Meeting Place: Church
Date: 20th September  2002 Total number of images: 10